The feature-rich torches and headlamps of the Core series and the premium models of the Signature line provide the adequate light for many activities

Solingen, February 2021 – Whether on poorly lit walks, while working in the house and garden or on expeditions far from civilisation: H-series headlamps and P-series torches from Ledlenser provide the right light for almost any activity. The entry-level models of the Core line are suitable for all everyday applications and come with features like constant luminous flux, infinitely variable dimming, intuitive operation and a housing that is protected against dust and water. The Solingen lighting experts have developed the high-quality Signature line especially for passionate outdoor enthusiasts. These luxurious high-end lamps in a noble design allow personalised light functions as well as a particularly natural colour rendering, and they are also protected against wear and corrosion by hard-anodised housings. The Signature models come with a wide range of accessories. Other accessories are optionally available and can be easily used with all models, including those in the Core line, thanks to the new Ledlenser Connecting System.  

Bright companions

The seven torch models in the Core P-series are distinguished primarily by their size and luminous intensity. The all-rounder is the P7R Core, which achieves an exceptionally constant light output of up to 1400 lumens (lm) and a range of up to 300 metres. With Smart Light Technology, the light functions can be personalised and can also be called up in any order. The battery lasts up to 90 hours before it needs recharging. Thanks to the robust, IP68-protected housing, the lamp can withstand permanent submersion and the patented Advanced Focus System still functions at a water depth of up to one metre. The torch will even survive a fall from a height of two metres without damage.

The almost indestructible premium model P7R Signature offers a maximum luminous flux of 2000 lm, a range of up to 330 m and a lighting duration of up to 90 hours. The torch has the same features as the P7R Core, but also comes with additional ones: For example, the Mode Switch with four positions allows direct access to the personalised light functions. The red additional light on the side of the housing supports night vision in the dark. Many users, like photographers for instance, benefit from the particularly natural colour rendition according to CRI 80 and the flicker-free light. The Signature model also comes with high-quality accessories, such as a high-quality leather holster as well as a practical pocket clip, which also serves as a roll protection and always keeps the lamp in a stable position.

In addition to the P7R Core, the P-Series Core is available in six other versions, from the small P2R Core penlight for the breast pocket to the large, 1200 lumen P17R Core. The P-Series Signature includes the P7R Signature and two other models: the 1400 lumen P6R Signature and the 4500 lumen P18R Signature.


Good visibility and empty hands

Ledlenser has also equipped the H-series Core and Signature headlamps with special functions for safely illuminating outdoor activities. All models sit comfortably on the head, they can be operated intuitively by the wheel switch and dimmed continuously, they are robust and bright. Thanks to the Advanced Focus System, the Ledlenser models are infinitely focusable. The lamps can be swivelled for vertical alignment of the light cone. The basic model H7R Core illuminates a distance of 250 metres with up to 1000 lumens. The long-life rechargeable battery lasts up to 65 hours before it can conveniently be recharged via the Magnetic Charge System. The flicker-free luminous flux illuminates dark areas constantly over a long period of time. Even in harsh environments, e.g. in caves or on mountain tours, the Ledlenser headlamps are solid companions, as they are protected against dust and water according to IP67. Thanks to Flex Sealing Technology, the focus can still be used when briefly submerged in water up to one metre deep.

In addition to the H7R Core model, the Core line is available in four other variants that differ in technical specifications such as lumens, lighting duration and light range, but also in additional technologies and features. The variants of the Signature line are particularly suitable for demanding activities. The H19R Signature with up to 4000 lumens was designed as a high-end headlamp for extreme athletes. The combination of different LEDs and lenses enables a unique light pattern for application-optimised illumination of the surroundings thanks to the Fusion Beam with individually adjustable flood and spot LEDs. Thanks to the Ledlenser Connect app and Bluetooth remote control, the lamp can be personalised and controlled remotely. The H7R Signature illuminates up to 260 metres with a maximum of 1200 lumens. This premium model also offers additional features: for example, the Ledlenser Connect App allows personalisation and remote control of the light functions. The extended scope of delivery includes various attachments, including a Helmet Connecting Kit, with which the lamp can be securely mounted on a helmet.

Prices and availability

The Core and Signature lines of the P and H series by Ledlenser are available from well-stocked specialist retailers and in the online shop:

The torches of the P-series Core cost 24.90 euros (P2R Core), 34.90 euros (P4R Core), 69.90 euros (P7Core), 59.90 euros (P5R Core), 79.90 euros (P6R Core), 99.90 euros (P7R Core) and 199 euros (P17R Core). The Signature models are available for 129 euros (P6R Signature), 159 euros (P7R Signature) and 249 euros (P18R Signature).

The RRP for the H5 Core headlamp is 49.90 euros, H5R Core costs 69.90 euros, H7R Core 89.90 euros, H15R Core 159 euros and H19R Core 199 euros. The H7R Signature costs 149 euros, H19R Signature 299 euros.

All prices include VAT.

Further information about Ledlenser is available at:


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