Compact, feature-rich, intuitive to use and ultra-rugged: the Gacrux 2500 tactical LED flashlight from TFX


 Solingen, January 2022 – Just a quick touch of the finger produces immediately a glistening bright light: the TFX Gacrux 2500 is always ready to deliver a 2500-lumen beam of light, optimized for tactical purposes. Especially when routine use becomes an extreme situation, the handy LED flashlight demonstrates its strengths, because the lighting can be quickly adapted to different requirements. To this end, TFX has equipped the compact model with a wealth of innovative technologies: these include Fast Action Strobe, Straightforward Power, Reflector Beam, Tactical Light Control, Heat Protection and Fast Access Switch. The clever combination of a central end cap switch and switch rocker also allows direct access to tactical strobe – even when wearing gloves. TFX designed the Gacrux 2500 specifically as a tool for police, special forces and other security forces. For this purpose, it comes with the obligatory glass breaker, which was integrated directly into the lamp head. Even in harsh environments, the lamp is an indestructible and durable companion thanks to its robust aluminum housing, which is protected against dust and water in accordance with IP 68. Like all lamps in the TFX series, the latest model is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Ready for the night shift

Nighttime police patrols, security operations at dusk, searches in dark buildings: different operations require different lighting. With the Gacrux 2500, emergency forces can therefore switch between three modes particularly quickly and easily: High offers 2500 lumens and a 400-meter range, Medium shines up to 215 meters with 800 lumens, and Low provides a moderate light with 50 lumens and a 50-meter range. At the same time, the end cap switch with straightforward power provides the highest brightness level when simply switched on – so in dangerous situations, daylight-bright light is provided immediately. In addition, the strobe mode can be switched on directly for self-defense against glare. Thanks to an additional switch rocker, Fast Action Strobe enables short-term or permanent strobe light at any time – unpleasant for any adversary.

TFX technologies provide the tactical edge

Like all of its models, TFX has equipped the Gacrux 2500 with other technologies specifically designed for tactical use. These are in detail:

Fast Access Switch: This allows users to cycle through the flashlight’s lighting functions at lightning speed, ready for action at any time and well prepared for any unpleasant surprises.

Heat Protection: The lamp is protected from overheating, even in maximum performance

Reflector Beam: The tactically optimized reflector concentrates a large part of the LED light into an ultra-bright spot and creates a blinding effect on the opponent – very suitable for self-defense. At the same time, the area around the spot is illuminated so that no movement in the surroundings goes unobserved.

Tactical Light Control: The hardware and software of every TFX lamp are optimally matched to the specific area of application – whether it’s the position and number of switches, light functions or switching profile.

Straightforward Power: This ensures that the switched-off lamp can always be used directly at the highest brightness level by switching once.

Fast Action Strobe: Direct controlled access to strobe is provided on all TFX luminaires – this can save lives. Depending on the model, this is solved via hardware or software. The Gacrux 2.500 has a rocker switch for this purpose.

Glass Breaker: To free yourself or others from a dangerous situation, an integrated glass breaker offers a special safety plus.

With its length of 161 mm, a head diameter of 38 mm and a weight of 240 g including battery, the Gacrux 2500 is a compact partner for day and night. It can be carried safely in the included belt pouch or on the adjustable tactical hand strap and is always right at hand, even when things get critical. The powerful 21700 Li-ion battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous illumination in low power mode. To charge, the battery is removed and charged directly in a charging cradle via a USB-C port.

TFX also offers separately available accessories for the Gacrux 2500. For example, professional holsters, the Picatinny Mount mounting solution, a remote control and color filter sets are available.

Price and availability

The Gacrux 2500 is available immediately from the TFX online store at an MSRP of 109 euros including VAT. Further information is also available here:


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TFX develops and distributes tactical lamps with massive light output and tactical light image for extreme situations. TFX lamps are specifically designed for security and defense, search and rescue, and hunting and outdoor activities. The TFX brand was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Solingen, Germany.

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