After-work run, night run, trail running: with running head lamps from Ledlenser, athletes are able to train at all times of day

Solingen, February 2021 Whether in the city or in rough terrain: with a well-designed head lamp, joggers are not only able to see better themselves, they are also noticed early by other road users. The Solingen-based lighting specialist Ledlenser has therefore developed the NEO series especially for runners and offers it in three model variants: From the entry-level NEO4 for casual joggers to the rechargeable NEO6R for urban runners and the feature-rich NEO10R for ambitious trail runners, there’s a model to suit every type of runner. Equipped with a swiveling lamp head, the comfortable lights illuminate the running course over a large area without blinding oncoming runners. A flashing red rear light also ensures better visibility.

 Sporty city tours with NEO4 and NEO6R

Running is possible almost everywhere, even in the city. However, the healthy trend sport is now very popular. Those who want to set off away from the crowds and therefore prefer to be out and about at dusk or at night will find bright companions in the lightweight NEO4 and NEO6R models. The NEO4 weighs 100 grams including batteries, while the NEO6R weighs 95 grams with battery. With the wide, application-specific light cone, the headlamps illuminate the urban jungle and ensure that the field of view is optimally illuminated. Using the Wide Beam Technology, runners are also well visible from the side. In the Power setting, the lamps emit 240 lumens and shine up to 30 meters. The Low Power mode, on the other hand, provides economical light for long run times and glare-free reading or working. In an emergency, regular light pulses can be sent with the Blink function. In addition to the red flashing tail light, the reflective headband increases visibility from all sides. Whenever running in groups will be possible again, the lights can also be worn on the chest strap, reducing mutual glare in running groups. It is included with the NEO6R, and is available as an accessory with the NEO4. The NEO4 runs on three AAA batteries, while the NEO6R has a built-in Li-Ion battery that recharges quickly via micro-USB port. Two energy modes are selectable: In Energy Saving Mode, the battery lasts up to 40 hours, while Constant Light Mode ensures consistent light output.

Suddenly find yourself in the dark while out and about? The NEO headlamps are well prepared. For example, the Backup Mode ensures one hour of remaining runtime from the first Low Battery Warning. Even bad weather and harsh environments are no reason to give up your run: The robust lamps are dust-protected to IP5X and can even survive a 30-minute immersion in water up to one meter deep, as confirmed by the IPX7 protection class.

As fashionable running accessories, the NEO4 and NEO6R bring colorful accents in green, blue, pink or black.

Safe trails with the NEO10R

Cross-country tours through woods and fields are a clear case for the premium model NEO10R: this headlamp is a reliable companion for trail running. Focusable and with a swiveling head, it can be adapted to any situation and, like the other models, offers two energy modes with Energy Saving and Constant Light. With up to 600 lumens, it illuminates even the darkest routes, and a light beam of up to 150 meters is also possible. In addition to the Power and Low Power light settings, Mid Power enables medium light output for almost all standard situations. The headlamp is also equipped with features such as Ledlenser’s patented Advanced Focus System, which allows for a stepless change from near to far light. Thanks to Rapid Focus, the light cone can be controlled in a flash with one hand. Via Smart Light Technology, the lamp can also be programmed to become an individual lighting tool. Even extended tours do not end in the dark with the NEO10R: The battery lasts up to 120 hours before it needs to be recharged. The headlamp is available in black with accents in yellow or in light gray with accents in blue. Included with each is a battery pack, chest strap, USB cable and extension cord.

Prices and availability

The NEO series is available in well-stocked specialty stores as well as Ledlenser’s online store:

NEO4 costs 29.90 Euro

NEO6R costs 49.90 Euro

NEO10R costs 99.90 Euro

All prices include VAT.

Further information about Ledlenser is available at:

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