Newcomer with 20 years of experience: the traditional company Ledlenser combines diverse expert knowledge in the development of tactical lamps in the new brand TFX powered by Ledlenser


Solingen, September 2021 – Tactical, Force and Extreme – that’s what the new TFX brand from Solingen stands for. The high-intensity LED torches have been developed for extreme situations, such as those encountered in security and defence operations, in search and rescue teams or in outdoor and hunting activities. With their powerful, concentrated light output and an optimised light image for tactical purposes, the TFX lamps are up to any critical situation. Depending on the model, the new TFX torches provide 900, 1200, 3500, 5000 or 6500 lumens. The tactical torches are equipped with innovative technologies such as Reflector Beam and Multi Reflector Beam as well as the Fast Access Switch, which enables lightning-fast switching of light functions. A robust aluminium housing also ensures safety and durability. All lamps in the TFX series are powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Currently, five torches are available: TFX Zosma 900, TFX Propus 1200, TFX Propus 3500, TFX Arcturus 5000 and TFX Arcturus 6500, with more models in development.   

Six technologies for tactical lead

Fast Access Switch: This allows users to change lighting functions of a TFX at lightning speed, ready for action at any time and safe from unpleasant surprises.

Heat Protection: the lamp is protected from overheating, even at highest performance

Multi Reflector Beam: By covering reflectors, the light from several LEDs is combined into an ultra-bright, optimised light image for tactical purposes.

Reflector Beam: The optimised reflector concentrates a large part of the LED light into an ultra-bright spot and can create a dazzling effect on the opponent, e.g. for self-defence. At the same time, the area around the spot is illuminated so that no movement in the surroundings goes unobserved.

RGB Light Function: Direct access to red, blue and green light expands the spectrum of possible applications. For example, red light maintains night vision, green light is difficult for wildlife to see, while blue light aids tracking. All colours can be used to create eye-catching light signals.

Tactical Light Control: The hardware and software of every TFX lamp are optimally adapted to the specific area of application – whether position and number of switches, light functions or switching profile.

Five models for every tactical situation

The TFX series currently comprises five models named after extremely bright stars. The type designation in each case stands for the number of lumens. For example, the particularly compact TFX Zosma 900 shines with a bright 900 lumens and is versatile thanks to light functions such as strobe and three dimming levels. Details such as an end cap switch, a clip and the rollaway protection provide additional safety. The Zosma 900 can be carried comfortably on the adjustable, new tactical safety strap. Its 14500 Li-ion battery can be charged directly via micro-USB.

Security services, rescue units and police forces get a powerful light with the TFX Propus 1200, which is powered by a powerful 18650 Li-ion battery.

The TFX Propus 3500 also offers a particularly large reflector that combines a tactical light pattern with a long range.

The extremely bright TFX Arcturus 5000 is equipped with additional colour LEDs in red, green and blue in addition to white light. A detachable glass breaker, the silent double front switch and other specific functions make the IP68-protected aluminium lamp a tactical tool for almost any extreme situation. It contains a two 26650 Li-Ion powerful battery pack. Battery and charge status are displayed via four separate LEDs – so the energy status is always in view.

With the TFX Arcturus 6500, users from the fields of law enforcement, security, rescue, survival and outdoor get a tactical high-end lighting tool with optimised reflectors for the highest demands. In addition to ultra-bright white light, red, green or blue light can be accessed directly via the silent double front switch – thanks to Multi Colour Strobe also simultaneously in the form of light flashes. The IP68-protected torch is equipped with a specific function and feature package, including the Lock function and Intelligent Memory. Three powerful 18650 Li-ion batteries provide ample power.

The TFX lamps can be expanded with separately available accessories. For example, the special Picatinny Mount mounting solutions and colour filter sets are available for the Zosma 900, Propus 1200 and Propus 3500. The Zosma 900 and Propus 1200 can also be equipped with a remote switch.

The TFX tactical lamps are available now in the TFX online shop:


RRP of the TFX lamps:

TFX Zosma 900: 69.90 Euro

TFX Propus 1200: 89,90 Euro

TFX Propus 3500: 139 Euro

TFX Arcturus 5000: 179 Euro

TFX Arcturus 6500: 229 Euro

All prices include VAT.


About TFX powered by Ledlenser

TFX develops and distributes tactical lamps with powerful light output and light image optimized for tactical purposes in extreme situations. TFX lamps are specially developed for the areas of security and defence, search and rescue as well as for hunting and outdoor activities. The TFX brand was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Solingen, Germany.


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