Bright illumination meets acoustic alarm or eye-saving red light: with clever features, the handy K6R Safety, K6R and K4R mini-lamps provide for more safety

Solingen, June 2021 – With their snap hook, the practical K6R Safety, K6R and K4R models can be attached directly to a key ring or handbag. The little everyday helpers are thus always at hand to illuminate dark corners and paths and increase your own visibility. With a light output of – depending on the model – 120 to 400 lumens in boost mode, they ensure bright attention. The K6R Safety model offers more safety in dangerous situations: a simple pull of a pin activates a shrill alarm tone and an irritating strobe mode. In addition to white light, model K6R has an additional red light mode to maintain night vision. The brushed aluminium housing makes all three versions of the mini lights, which are available in grey or rose gold, elegant accessories. The energy supply is also well thought-out:  The rechargeable battery can be conveniently charged via the integrated, fold-out USB-A interface.

Alone on the way home in the evening, walking in lonely nature or travelling in unknown regions: Many people feel uncomfortable in the dark, and women in particular want more safety. A torch with strong luminosity and special functions can help against the queasy feeling: It puts paths in bright light, can support self-defence and alert others to a dangerous situation. Size is not the decisive factor. Depending on the model, the keyring lamps from Ledlenser weigh a maximum of 32 grams, their diameter is a maximum of 30 mm, and their length is up to 66 mm. This makes them about the size of a standard USB stick, they fit on a key ring and can easily be taken anywhere, even in a handbag or trouser pocket. Their white light output depends on the model. In the K6R and K6R Safety models, the Low Power setting with a gentle 20 lumens (lm) allows a light range of 15 metres; in Power mode, 200 lumens shine up to 50 metres. One battery charge lasts up to 1.5 hours, in Low Power mode even up to 8 hours for the K6R Safety model and 10 hours for the K6R. In the short term, the Boost mode of both lamps shines up to 80 metres thanks to high-quality optics with 400 lm. The modes are selected simply by pressing the control button. With the K6R Safety model, a short pull on an extra pin is enough in case of danger: a shrill alarm signal sounds immediately. The simultaneous strobe mode can also be used to blind attackers.

Model K6R is equipped with an additional red light function instead of the safety features. Red light is less dazzling than white light. Since the dark adaptation of the eyes is maintained, they do not have to get used to the darkness again after switching off the red light. This not only facilitates map reading and search operations inside a pocket or backpack, but also minimises accidental glare.

The particularly handy K4R model illuminates with 80 lm and a range of 25 metres with white light in Power mode, making it a practical companion on walks in the city and in the countryside. If the battery-saving low power mode is set, the small lamp provides light with 20 lm for 3.5 hours. In short-term boost mode, the K4R shines with 120 lm. The most compact of the three key ring lamps from Ledlenser weighs only 20 grams including the battery, is 52 mm long and has a diameter of 25 mm.

All key ring lamps are equipped with an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery – batteries or cables are not required. Thanks to the fold-out USB-A interface, they can be supplied with fresh energy directly at a computer, for example while working. After 180 minutes, the little light helpers are charged and ready for use on the way home. Thanks to the electronic key lock, unintentional switching on, e.g. in a trouser pocket, is avoided with all lamps.

Prices and availability

The K4R keychain light is available for 16.90 euros, K6R and K6R Safety cost 24.90 euros each, including VAT.

The torches from Ledlenser are available in well-stocked specialist shops as well as in the Ledlenser online shop:

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