Smartly controllable and with cosy light: with the ML6 Connect Warm Light, Ledlenser expands its extensive portfolio of outdoor lanterns

Solingen, May 2021 – With the handy ML6 Connect WL lantern, the lighting experts from Solingen have combined clever functions that provide cosy lighting as well as comfort and safety. As with the other models in the series, the 360° light source illuminates the surroundings glare-free, homogeneously and with high energy efficiency thanks to modern lens technology (micro-prism technology). Two eye-friendly light colours are available for the ML6 Connect WL: the warm white light is perceived as soothing, while the red light maintains the ability to see after dark and is therefore particularly suitable for reading. With the Ledlenser Connect app, the outdoor lamp can be individualised and conveniently controlled remotely via Bluetooth.  The battery can be conveniently charged and removed. The special highlight: the lamp can also be used as a power bank. 

Evenings in the garden, at an outdoor barbecue, on a camping holiday or in the middle of nature: an outdoor lamp for the warm season has to meet many different requirements. On the one hand, its light should be atmospheric like candlelight, on the other hand, it should be bright, safe and long-lasting. In addition, the light source should be easy to install anywhere and as simple to operate as possible, ideally also from a distance. With the ML6 Connect WL, 18 power LEDs provide brilliant light that gently sets the scene for summer evenings with a warm colour temperature of 2500 to 3000 Kelvin. In Boost mode, a 750 lumen beam illuminates the surroundings, in Low Power mode, the lantern provides a pleasant continuous light with five lumens – for up to 180 hours before the battery needs to be recharged. In the moderate Mid Power setting, the lamp shines for twelve hours with 100 lumens. The Power mode provides a very bright light with 550 lumens for up to 3.5 hours. As with the other lantern models from Ledlenser, the brightness of the ML6 Connect WL is also infinitely dimmable. When reading in the evening in a tent or garden, you can alternatively switch to the eye-friendly red light.

The battery can be charged conveniently and safely via the magnetic charging cable (Magnetic Charge System). The connection for charging is made via magnetic contacts. The charging cable automatically couples with the lamp. The ML6 Connect WL can also be used as a power bank, e.g. to charge a smartphone while on the move.

The all-round light dispenser can be positioned variably: On the flexible rubber hook, on the removable stand or with the built-in magnet, for example directly on or in the camper. The remote control options are also practical. Via Bluetooth, the lantern can be conveniently operated from a smartphone in conjunction with the Ledlenser Connect app if the switch is not within reach. The remote control of the total of eight light functions also works with several lamps at the same time, e.g. to illuminate the garden atmospherically in different places. The operation with the app can be regulated individually. Among other things, an interval function and an on-off timer can be set. This allows the lantern to be used as a gentle wake-up light, for example. A remote control is also included, which can be worn on the wrist. The lantern remains in standby mode for up to 50 hours and can be conveniently switched on and off with the remote control during this time. The remote control can take over all switch functions; timer, interval function and personalisation are only possible via the app.

A downpour does not affect the robust lamp: It is optimally protected according to protection class IP66 against strong jets of water and against the penetration of dust. With its compact dimensions of 17.8 cm in height and a diameter of 4.5 cm, it is also slim and, at 260 g (incl. battery), light in travel luggage.

Even more compact is the 97 mm high ML4 WL mini lantern, which can also be attached to school satchels or backpacks with a carabiner clasp. The delicate light dispenser is also equipped with the latest micro-prism technology and offers warm white light as well as red light. In Boost mode, the small lantern emits 300 lumens for a short time, it reaches 150 lumens in Power mode with 2.2 hours of light and 50 lumens in Mid Power mode with 7 hours of light. If you switch to the Low Power mode with 5 lumens, the battery only needs to be recharged after 40 hours. The dual power mode also allows the use of standard batteries – pretty handy for excursions in nature.

The two new variants ML4 WL and ML6 Connect WL with warm white light expand Ledlenser’s extensive lantern portfolio. Also available are the ML4 and ML6 models with classic white light and the ML6 Warm Light with warm white light but without remote control.

Prices and availability

The ML6 Connect WL is available for 99.90 euros RRP, the ML4 WL costs 39.90 euros, in each case including VAT.

The lanterns from Ledlenser are available in well-stocked specialist shops as well as in the Ledlenser online shop:

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