Whether for hunters, anglers, photographers or light artists: the P6R Core QC from Ledlenser offers stepless illumination in four colours

Solingen, April 2021 – The lighting experts from Solingen have developed the handy P6R Core QC torch especially for applications that require more than just classic white light. With additional red, green and blue light, it is particularly suitable for animal observation. As a new feature, the light of the multicolour LED can be continuously focused in any colour with the patented Advanced Focus System. Users can easily switch between the individual colours with a rotary switch. With the Multicolour Strobe setting, flashes of light in all four colours light up simultaneously. Apart from an irritating effect in an emergency, this function can also be used for creative effects – as shown, for example, by ZOLAQ in his light artworks. Even on extended tours, the versatile light dispenser is a reliable companion: the rechargeable battery provides light power for up to 110 hours before it has to be connected to the mains again. In addition, the optionally available Powerbank Flex3 offers a secure power reserve: it quickly charges the battery with fresh energy and also offers space for an extra battery.

Four colours for every situation

Like all torches in the Core line, the P6R Core QC is a reliable basic model for everyday use in the home and garden, for crafts and industry and for many leisure applications. The “R” stands for rechargeable, i.e. for the environmentally friendly energy supply via a rechargeable battery instead of batteries. The QC (Quattro Color) stands for the four light colours white, green, red and blue. In Power mode, the white light with 270 lumens (lm) and a range of 335 metres makes dark areas radiantly bright. In Mid Power mode, 120 lm with a light range of 220 metres ensure safe walking in the twilight. The battery-saving Low Power mode offers 15 lm and a range of 80 metres.

When touring in nature, the 145 lm red light can be used for glare-free night vision. The 220 lm bright green light is invisible to animals and is therefore ideally suited for observing wildlife. The blue light with 35 lm helps with tracking, as liquids appear in higher contrast.

Not only hunters will find the P6R Core QC a reliable companion. Artists and photographers can also achieve exciting effects with the multicolour torch. ZOLAQ, for example, shows how impressive works of light art can look on his website: https://www.zolaq.de/.

Price and Availability

The P6R Core QC torch is available in well-stocked specialist shops for €69.90 including VAT and in Ledlenser’s online shop: https://shop.ledlenser.com/.

Further information about Ledlenser is available at: www.ledlenser.com


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