Cabling specialist develops new solution for the transmission technology 400GBASE-SR8 and presents the matching 19″ panel systems


Augsburg, March 16, 2020 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructures in Europe, announces that a new cabling system is now available on the market. The PreCONNECT® SEDECIM developed by Rosenberger OSI is a comprehensive system for structured parallel optical data transmission cabling and optimized for the 400GBASE-SR8 transmission technology.

“Due to the ever increasing “need for speed” in data centers, transceiver manufacturers are constantly bringing new transmission technologies to the market. PreCONNECT® SEDECIM is the perfect cabling system for the 400GBASE-SR8 transmission technology”, explains Harald Jungbäck, Product Manager for Data Center Cabling Systems at Rosenberger OSI.

Sixteen fibres for a high-performance data center infrastructure
The connector system of the PreCONNECT® SEDECIM is the MTP®/MPO 16, which is also the Media Dependent Interface (MDI) of the 400GBASE-SR8 transceivers. It is characterized by 16 OM4 multimode fibers arranged in a row. This connector face enables data transfer of the 400 GBit/s via eight parallel full-duplex transmission channels (lanes) of 50 GBit each with PAM4 coding (8x50G=400G) over a range of up to 100 meters. “With the introduction of PreCONNECT® SEDECIM, we are responding to the ever-increasing market demand for ever-higher transmission speeds and offer a high-performance data center infrastructure”, says the product manager.

Highly modular 19″ panel systems for data centers
The cabling specialist has already enlarged three of its proven PreCONNECT® 19″ panel systems to accommodate PreCONNECT® SEDECIM:

– PreCONNECT® SMAP G2 High Density
– PreCONNECT® SMAP G2 Ultra High Density
– PreCONNECT® Data Center Panel

Depending on the individual requirements of a data center operator, the focus of the 19″ panel systems is on maximum space saving through maximum port density or on high serviceability through drawer technology.


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