Cabling specialist installs state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and sets important milestone AG for future growth of Deutsche Vermögensberatung


Augsburg, January 24, 2018 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative cabling infrastructures based on fiber optics, is announcing that it has successfully completed a project to build a new data center for Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) in Frankfurt. The Augsburg based company acted as general contractor during the entire project for cabling planning as well as the installation of copper and optical fiber cables. It was also responsible for the delivery and installation of the racks, cooling aisles and row coolers. “The support from the experts from Rosenberger OSI was a great help to us, even during the planning phase, because thanks to the intensive and partly also cross-functional advice, we were able to surmount numerous hurdles proactively during the individual construction phases”, said Ronald Appel who is responsible for data center operation at the DVAG.

Since the DVAG was founded in 1975, the company has been on a course of growth. Due to the ongoing development, the company has had to lease additional external office space over the years, in addition to its headquarters. Furthermore the decision was made to move away from decentralized locations and set up a new corporate headquarters. However, in order to fulfill the requirements of the finance company, significant restructuring measures were needed. One huge activity within the construction project was the new data center, in which the entire IT department of the DVAG was to be housed.

Rosenberger OSI realizes efficient data center
The Augsburg cabling specialist was brought into the team for the realization. One of the most important sub-stages was the planning of the data center as well as the individual realization steps. For this purpose, the specifications had to be determined and planned in detail. The planned commissioning of the new IT environment and the relocation of the previous data center to the new premises were also specified in detail in this sub-stage. One key challenge assigned to the data center planners, in addition to cost efficiency, was the need for the facility to be completed as quickly as possible.

Structured and flexible cabling
Cold aisle containment consists of 72 server racks and 46 U with row coolers. Furthermore, a 3-zone security concept was realized. The DVAG also focused consistently on structured cabling. For this purpose, Rosenberger OSI laid around 30 km of copper cable and SM trunks (E2000) with 24 channels and a fiber length of 1,824 meters in the new data center. What’s more, the DVAG data center was equipped with 29 LCC trunks with a total cable length of 743 meters. A further 33 MTP® trunks with a cable length of 829 meters round off the cutting-edge cabling infrastructure based on a combination of single and multi-mode. By using 1U and 5U SMAP-G2 racks, the DVAG has also chosen a highly flexible, modular solution that offers maximum rack density. “The decisive advantage is the extremely quick installation time of the solution, because no additional specialists with special tools or measuring devices are needed to lay the cables”, explained project manager Slavko Mucic.

State-of-the-art IT technologies
After a construction phase of nearly two years, the DVAG is now happy to be the owner of a modern company headquarters. All workspaces and conference areas are now equipped with the latest IT, communication and conference technologies. Thanks to its cutting-edge company headquarters, the DVAG is now well equipped to handle further growth at its location in Frankfurt.

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