Rosenberger OSI qualified as one of the first European MXC® suppliers

New Big Data-product combines up to 64 fibers in one connector


Augsburg, 15. March 2017 – Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), manufacturer of innovative cabling infrastructure solutions based on fiber optic technology, announces the start of production of the new big data connector MXC® in Augsburg. The MXC®, a brand of US Conec Ltd., is a connector with fibers and lenses, amongst others for 400GBE-SR16 applications. The connector facilitates operations of 32 fibers (2 rows with 16 fibers each). In total, up to 64 fibers are possible in one connector (4 rows with 16 fibers each). The so called Card-Edge- and Mid-/Backplane-versions of the MXC® are used in high-performance IT products. “Rosenberger OSI has been trained as one of the first European manufacturing partners for the MXC® connector and has successfully completed the demanding certification process,” explains Thomas Schmidt, managing director of Rosenberger OSI.

Due to its extraordinary high amount of fibers, the MXC® is known as “Big Data Connector” as, based on its layout, it can process enormous volumes of data. With its High-Density Interconnect Technology it is the ideal connector for the connection of Optical Engines on PCB Boards. “Big IT-Hardware manufacturers are using this connector at the moment in diverse projects and see a significant development for this market in the future. We intend to start the serial production for these High-End-products and deliver them as soon as possible to our customers”, says the managing director. The connector system is for example used in network applications of data centers.

Up to 64 fibers

The MXC® connector combines the well-known advantages of the MTP® with the lense technology and is currently standardized with the maximum amount of 64 fibers per ferrule. An essential feature of the MXC® connector systems is the hermaphroditic PRIZM® MT ferrule (also known as “lense-MT-ferrule”) that allows a very high connection density. The PRIZM® MT technology enables a brand new design of the ferrule tip with a recessed area of up to 64 micro lenses, 4 rows with up to 16 lenses per row.

Cooperation with US Conec Ltd. and MXC® Award

The cooperation of Rosenberger OSI with the technologically leading connector development and manufacturing company US Conec Ltd. has a long tradition. Based on the successful collaboration, Rosenberger OSI has been selected as one of the first European partners to push the manufacturing of the “Big Data” connector MXC®. The process engineers of the cabling expert have been trained by US Conec in Hickory and have transferred the technology to Germany. Rosenberger OSI recently successfully completed the qualification and received the MXC® Award. Therewith the company is prepared for all MXC® and PRIZM® MT requirements.

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About Rosenberger OSI:

Since 1991, Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI) has been an expert in innovative fiber optic cabling infrastructure and service solutions for Datacom, Telecom and Industrial. The products and services can be found wherever largest amounts of data have to be transferred quickly and securely. In addition to the development and production of a broad portfolio of fiber optic and copper cabling systems, Rosenberger OSI also offers a variety of services such as planning, installation and maintenance of cabling infrastructure. Rosenberger OSI employs about 600 people in Europe and has been a part of the globally operating Rosenberger Group since 1998, a worldwide leading provider of high-frequency-, high-voltage-, and fiber-optic-connection solutions headquartered in Germany.

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