In the last three years, the US in-tech affiliate registered significant growth


Garching, December 2016 – The in-tech engineering company announces that its center in Greer, South Carolina, just appointed its 100st associate. In 2013, the US in-tech affiliate started with just five associates. Since then, the company has grown tremendously. Initially, the business focused on the development of electronic components for the automotive industry. Step by step, in-tech added expertise in the areas of mechanical and software engineering. Now, in-tech accompanies numerous projects in the USA and abroad. Christoph Schönmetzler, the CEO of in-tech Automotive Engineering, is delighted: “We are very happy with our continuous growth and look forward to the coming projects, which will keep our 100 associates busy. Our business relies on friendly relations with all our associates. We made this our maxim when we established the US in-tech affiliate company.”

The US domicile of in-tech Automotive Engineering is located in downtown Greer, South Carolina. This puts in-tech right in the center of many automotive OEMs and their suppliers. Greer is also the direct port of call for automotive suppliers south-east of Greer. Offices in New Jersey and California complete the in-tech network in the USA.

The 100st associate joining in-tech in Greer represents a milestone and emphasizes both the company’s employee-friendly culture and its taste for innovation. Associate Christopher Collins is a perfect fit: “I always wanted to contribute my expertise in automotive engineering at work. Therefore, I did not hesitate a moment to make my new home in a place 900 miles away and work for in-tech.”

The main in-tech domicile is located in Germany. in-tech started in 2002 in Munich. The startup put its sights on long-term service contracts. The enterprise grows steadily because of its unique culture of excellence with its targeted enthusiasm for innovation. Worldwide, more than 800 people have joined in-tech as associates. In 2015, in-tech founded the affiliate enterprise in-tech industry and with it expanded its portfolio to Industry 4.0 solutions. Right now, in-tech expertise and services are synonymous with smart machine parks, networked production facilities and intelligent building automation for customers in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and the transportation industry.

Picture: Christoph Schönmetzler, CEO of in-tech Automotive Engineering


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About in-tech

in-tech is an innovative engineering company with a focus on electronic and software in the sectors automotive, machinery and transportation. The company was founded in 2002 and has been growing steadily ever since. Around 800 highly qualified specialists currently work for in-tech.

In addition to its headquarters in Garching near Munich, the company has further sites in Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Stuttgart, Vienna (Austria), Nottingham (UK), Prague (Czech Republic), Greenville (USA) and Shenyang (China).

in-tech develops industrial control systems for vehicles, industry and transport systems. As a full-service provider, the company offers comprehensive services relating to the development, testing and analysis of hardware and software. Moreover, in-tech also develops hardware and software solutions for electronics testing.

The medium-sized company is managed by its owners and has a reputation as an excellent employer with an outstanding corporate culture. The company has already won a number of awards for its good working atmosphere, internal team spirit and work-life balance.

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