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The eastward expansion is completed: The independent agency network Global Tech PR Group offers from now on PR services in Eastern Europe and fills an important gap with the new member East Side.

Braunschweig (Germany) based high-tech communications agency Profil Marketing founded the competence network Global Tech PR Group with Ranieri Communications from the United Kingdom and the US based agency Max Borges in 2009. Just one year after the launch the network has grown to eight members and covered South, West, and Northern Europe. All agencies distinguish themselves through their large competence in the high-tech and IT segment. Clients such as booq or elgato benefit from the comprehensive market knowledge and the local quality standards of the network when running international PR programs. Big advantage: all agencies work closely together, but are independent in their local work.

Global Tech PR Group enlarged their network with the agency East Side in September 2011. In addition to their headquarter in Munich, East Side has offices in Russia, Czechia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. And so the circle is completed in the Eastern region too.


Members of Global Tech PR Group:

·      Profil Marketing (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

·      NewsEngine PR (Belgium, Netherlands)

·      Réflexion Publique (France)

·      Ranieri Communications (United Kingdom)

·      CORYLUS PR (Italy)

·      K2 (Scandinavia)

·      NEKO PR (Spain and Portugal)

·      Max Borges Agency (USA)

·      East Side Consulting (Eastern Europe)


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